The America I Believe In…

Open Community Discussion – FREE — Sunday, February 19 from 12:20 – 2:30 PM

Come & talk. Come & listen. Sure… bring a snack, bring your lunch.

Some media and public figures are ratcheting up the rhetoric of crisis, exploiting the public’s genuine need for security. They are trading on society’s worst instincts of prejudice and fear in ways that could have disastrous consequences for human rights

This discussion is intended to empower you to respond to the fear, hate, and bigotry you are witnessing in your community and across the country with a powerful alternative vision:
The America you want to see – the America you believe in.

This is a collection of resources for you to use – right where you are – to respond to fear-mongering and hateful rhetoric within your community with a powerful alternative vision of what is possible.

The suggested actions and materials provided at this event can empower you with concrete ways to defend human rights.

The 3 main topics of discussion at this particular event will focus on:
— Anti-Muslim Hate
— Refugees
— Human Rights Violations/War Crimes


This event is in collaboration with Amnesty International USA. The materials, suggested engagement tools, and data at this event are provided by the same.

All elected officials and candidates are very welcome and encouraged to attend although Amnesty International USA and Common Root are classified as 501c3 nonprofits by the Internal Revenue Service and do not endorse, nor do they oppose, individual political candidates.

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