Trans* Day of Resilience & Remembrance

Join us at the Unitarian Church of Lincoln (6300 A Street) on Sunday, November 20th at 1:30 PM.

About the event:¬†Soon, a lot of the world will be sharing space and time in some sort of Transgender Day of Remembrance Event. Lincoln will be doing something a little different this year. We, like a growing number of cities across the globe, have added an extra ‘R’ for resilience. We understand the need to respect and mourn those we have needlessly lost to violence and bigotry, but also crave the deeper urge to celebrate the daily victory of survival, especially now, with stories of strength.
Our event is being held at the Unitarian Church, but is featuring both religious and non religious speakers as well as a representative from the Mayor’s office, local organizations, the River City Mixed Chorus and private citizens. It is a free event occurring 11/20 from 1:30-3:30 at 6300 A Street, at the Unitarian Church ( All are welcome to come and share stories of their strength and endurance, living as a gender queerqueer, non binary, trans or otherwise non gender conforming individual, help us read the names of those the world has lost in the last 12 months, or just listen and offer respect and support , by being there.

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