Sunday Afternoon Movie – Life of Brian

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Sunday, June 17th at 1 PM, please join us at our new location – in the Foundry Community (211 N. 14th St, 3rd Floor).

We’ll be hosting a free screening of Monty Python’s “Life of Brian.”

Made in 1979, this was the Python’s penultimate movie and the one that most followed an actual storyline rather than being mostly a collection of sketches. Controversial at the time, mostly because people that never saw it assumed they were making fun of Jesus. Brian was never supposed to be Jesus, he just happened to be born in the stable next door to Himself. Rumor has it that once The Quest for the Holy Grail was extremely popular and the group was traveling around promoting it, they grew weary of the question “What’s your next movie going to be about?” Apparently, Eric Idle heard the question one too many times and yelled back “Jesus Christ: Lust for Glory” and after they’d thought about it for a bit, the rest developed. Many people feel the song at the end is worth watching the whole movie for.

This will be our first Movie at the Foundry, in the Green room on the 3rd floor. As always, popcorn will be provided. Discussion afterwards about what they WERE making fun of. Also Latin lessons. If the front door is locked when you get there, text Larry at 402-560-1058 and someone will come let you in.

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