Sunday Afternoon Movie

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Join us for a free screening of “When Worlds Collide” on Sunday, May 13th from 1-3 PM.

But “When worlds collide”,
Said George Pal to his bride
“I’m going to give you some terrible thrills”
Spoiler Alert: There will be worlds colliding before the end of the movie. There will be a lot of stock footage involved. Not Ed Wood amounts, though.
This movie, released in 1951 and produced by George Pal became a classic because it is one of the earliest ‘Disaster’ films and while the story is good, it’s the characters that keep it interesting. There is a love triangle and drama, also some very impressive special effects. (Not counting the very end.) This is a pretty heavily scheduled weekend, so why not relax with a gourmet hotdog from FlyDogs, kick back with some free popcorn and watch the world end.

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