Radical Feminist Literature


This group is about dialogue and seeks to “read” various feminist creative and philosophical genres: books, articles, films, graphic novels, art, etc.

Please join us for our first meeting on Sunday, June 29th at 1 PM at Common Root Mutual Aid Center.

With the desire to unify all women (including trans) and to examine the various agreements and disagreements throughout the feminist movement, we will jump right into this discussion with the RadFem movement, examining various contradictions and specifically exclusion of transpersons in this movement.

This group will explore patriarchal oppression and all women (including trans) who are impacted by patriarchy as well as poverty. We encourage everyone to join us and explore these questions.

In our first meeting, we will discuss what this means to each of us, what we hope to learn and achieve. Bring potential “readings” and ideas. Expect respectful but potentially difficult discussion and disagreement, as well as education and enrichment.

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