Queer Movie Night

Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil

Saturday, September 3 from 8-10 PM
at Common Root Mutual Aid Center
(3140 O Street, Suite 202)

This is a great movie that is many things. It’s a murder mystery, it’s a courtroom drama, it’s a quirky snapshot of the City of Savanna at a specific time and the people that made it different from everywhere else. There’s even a romance shoehorned in because Hollywood. This is a movie treatment of a book, which was based on real events. Many residents of Savanna at the time are included in the movie, one particularly in a major role.

The movie is definitely rated ‘R’ for some violence and many adult situations. So please nobody that’s not almost as old as the movie. (Released in 1997). My version says it’s 155 minutes, so we will have at least one short intermission.

Popcorn WILL be provided. Feel free to bring other snacks and a drink.

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