Pretend Paleontology

POST in this Facebook event to reserve your dinosaur kit:

Have you ever wanted to excavate dinosaur bones?
Did you wake up one day and say to yourself, “Damn, I forgot to become a Paleontologist!”?
Now is the chance to correct a wrong in your life! Join us Sunday, March 10th from 1-3 PM at Common Root. We’ll meet in the 3rd floor conference room at The Foundry Community (211 N 14th Street).

Each registrant will get a free block of clay – picking tool and brush – along with a respirator mask (recommended) as we excavate together for polyresin dinosaur bones! Each registered attendee will also get a sack to take your genuine-imitation dinosaur bones home in.

What will YOU uncover?
Tyrannosaurus? Deinonychus? Seismosaurus? Spinosaurus? Triceratops? Stegoceras?

Pretend Paleontology is an exercise in…
Patience – Fun – Relaxation – Shared Experience – Inclusiveness – Discovery – Manual Dexterity – Imagination – Community – and, of course… Pretend Paleontology!

THIS EVENT IS FREE although pre-registration is necessary. POST in this event to register:


All Common Root events are free & inclusive…
All ages – All cultures – All sizes – All colors – All classes – All genders – All beliefs – All sexes – All abilities – All types
—Street meter parking is free on Sunday
—Garage parking is free for the first hour and Common Root will pay for your second hour. It’s only $1.25/hr after that. Bring your parking garage ticket for your second hour validation.
* Common Root is an all-volunteer 501c3 nonprofit *

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