PRESENTING: Working toward a better society, a non-monetary system, Civilitics

Roy Guisinger and Andi Losh, will be giving a presentation on our intent and plans to make a non-monetary system happen on Thursday, September 18th starting at 7:30 PM. (This presentation will be held during our weekly meeting, for which we have limited agenda.)

Imagine croudfunding for your community, but without the need to raise money. Instead, you have direct involvement, drawing supporters to act. This is Civilitics: a non-monetary way to involve people, connecting interests with resources and skill-sets.

Civilitics operates as an opportunity engine, bringing voluntary participation to areas that are neglected, and work to people that wouldn’t otherwise find an outlet for their skills.

Rather than going through the wasteful process of exchange or trade, and gate-keepers, you specify areas of common interest and need. We all collaborate through a network that collects feedback, pointing various fields of interest to areas of need, focusing the priorities and values of all participants.

Civilitics affords services and products, made available to all participants from contributors, on the basis of respective contribution. Contributions are weighed in amount and in the context of system values. Everything is decided directly, democratically, with surveys and information to encourage data-driven processes.

Within Civilitics, contributing meaningfully in your areas of interest, gives you access to the products and services of diverse group efforts. You are directly involved in all decision-making that affects your areas of interest and work, ensuring everyone is considered and is fairly represented.

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