Movie Night “Slaughterhouse 5”

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Saturday, April 7th at 8 PM – join us for a free screening if “Slaughterhouse 5” at Common Root.

“Billy Pilgrim has come unstuck in time.” So starts the story. This is considered by many as being the best adaptation of a Vonnegut Novel to the big screen. I very much agree, though I haven’t seen every adaptation yet. The story is very much autobiographical in that the protagonist is captured during World War 2 and is a POW in Dresden during it’s firebombing by the Allies. This also happened to Vonnegut. There are several ‘links’ to other novels incorporated within the film. There is some nudity and a great deal of violence. As always, popcorn will be provided. Feel free to bring food and drink to enjoy and/or share.

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