Movie Night – Showing “Moon”

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Join us Saturday, August 4th for a free screening of “Moon” at 8 pm. We’ll be on the 3rd floor of the Foundry (211 N 14th).

Moon is a science fiction film, made in 2009 by Duncan Jones. It is really a tour de force for Sam Rockwell as he is the only human character for most of the film. Playing Sam Bell, he is approaching the end of his 3 year contract harvesting Helium-3 on the Moon for fusion power generation on Earth. (This is a real thing and may happen when we get working fusion power going.) This film continues our exploration of what it means to be human, what a employee owes their employer, how low a greedy corporation can sink. Sam’s only companionship comes from GERTY, an AI program that handles most of the minutiae of running a permanent base on the far side of the moon. GERTY is voiced by Kevin Spacey, if that is important to you at this point.

It is a major plot point that the base is on the far side of the moon, the reason given in the film is that the mining will change the albedo of the portion it occupies and there is concern with changing the moon’s reflected light enough to affect nocturnal species. Apparently, this issue has already been discussed within the scientific community and is considered a real concern.
I do not recommend viewing the trailer or other materials, if you don’t know the plot, it seems better to me to let it unfold while you watch. But do what you want.

As usual, popcorn will be provided. Feel free to bring drinks and snacks to enjoy and/or share.

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