Movie Night, showing “Donnie Darko”

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Join us on Saturday, October 6th at 8 PM for a free screening of “Donnie Darko.”

This film from 2001 is the role that cemented Jake Gyllenhaal’s move from child to adult actor. Taking place over 28 days in October 1988, it is a great movie to get into the Halloween mood. The movie involves adult themes, lots of language and violence, plus a giant rabbit. (Being influenced minimally by last month’s movie according to the writer/director Richard Kelly.)

Donnie Darko also includes many twists and turns and much interpretation is left up to the viewers as to what is actually going on. This was one of the first movies out of Hollywood that incorporated a good deal on on-line information, including puzzles to ‘unlock’ web pages and ‘secret’ codes and other such devices to increase entertainment before and after the movie’s release. There is also a very good soundtrack which does a lot to set the proper mood and enhance the weirdness. I promise it does not cop out with ‘it was all a dream’ at the end.

Discussion and at least one plausible explanation will be given after the movie. As always, popcorn will be provided and viewers are encouraged to bring snacks and drinks to enjoy and maybe share.

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