Movie Night, showing “Doc Hollywood”

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Join us on Saturday, February 3 at 8 PM for a free screening of “Doc Hollywood.”

Feel free to bring snacks to share & invite your friends! Popcorn will be provided.

This movie tells the tale of a young cocky surgeon who has just finished his residency and has an almost sure shot at his dream job at a high end plastic surgery clinic in Los Angeles. He runs into a little trouble while traveling through Grady, Georgia. A small town with a host of characters that have to be seen to be believed. Stars a very young Michael J. Fox, Julie Warner, Woody Harrelson plus many other recognizable faces. It is true, the producers blatantly ripped off the plot of “Cars”, but it’s still a fun little movie. Okay, maybe “Cars” came out 15 years later. What, you never heard of a Time Machine?

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