Look Sharp for Community Safety Crowd Funding Campaign

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Are you tired of being afraid in everyday life? I am. Personally, I only have cursory knowledge of self-defense. As a trans woman I’ve lost count of the times I have been shouted at, interrogated and followed by men, as I go about my day.
I’ve been to dojos (martial arts training places) full of marines, cops and toxic masculinity. I’m not the only one who can’t thrive in an environment full of poison. Spaces are safe, or they are inaccessible to the people who need them most.

Self-defense is about more that physical fitness and technique. First we must be aware. My goal is foremost to feel empowered in detecting threats, and in diverting them. As anyone at risk in this culture knows, viscerally, many dangerous people cannot be readily dissuaded or run off. All I have for the occasion that someone wants to harm me, is the support and vigilance of my community.

I am rarely so grateful for others, as when I see people in my community looking out for my safety and well-being. Many times in my life others have stepped in to check on my safety. One day this might save my life. Nothing can keep us safe like the people of our community.
How do we support at risk people? I know that I can learn more about supporting others. I want to see people confident and aware enough to step in when needed.

This is possible through workshops, speakers and collaborative training. We need community empowerment and we need it to be economically accessible.
This solidarity work must center the needs of women of color, immigrants, Muslims, gender diverse, transgender and indigenous people.
No one person or agency will save us. No one can help us but ourselves and the diverse community we support.

We change the culture of fear and violence by taking the work in our own hands. That is why Common Root is taking on this program. I have already found many people with great interest in organizing and supporting the work. Every day the need grows more important in this dire political climate. I have been active in Lincoln organizing for most of fifteen years, and this goal of proactive community safety is nothing new. I intend to talk to every person, organization and community center required, but…

I need your help to make this happen.
Donate $5 or $500.
Show up to organize.
Show up to learn.
Invite your friends.
Invite family.

We are the only people who can keep us safe.
Look Sharp, for community safety


$5.00 Donation – Appreciation and ongoing updates

$10.00 Donation – 2 Stay Sharp Buttons

$25.00 Donation – 3 Stay Sharp Stickers

$50.00 Donation – 5 Buttons and 5 Stickers

$100 Donation – A copper pendant based on the Stay Sharp design (handmade by Andira)

$200.00 Donation – A silver pendant based on the Stay Sharp design (handmade by Andira)

$500.00+ Donation – Partial Sponsorship of the program and EVERYTHING listed above.

We will kick off the first organizing meeting on February 17th (STRIKE Day):

DONATE HERE: https://www.gofundme.com/LookSharp

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