LGBTQ+ Discussion Group


We will begin the first structured Common Root LGBTQ+ ┬áDiscussion Group with the topic of personal labels. We’ll be meeting Wednesday, October 14th from 7-9 PM at Common Root.

Labels are the most common way we define ourselves and those
arund us. These labels can explain so much about us from our personality, gender, sexual orientation, and lifestyle, just to name a few.

The discussion will begin with listing the many labels we identify with as well as those we have heard used around us. Then we will explore these labels in regards to their positive and negative connotation. There will be questions to guide the discussion as well as some time for open discussion on relating topics. Please feel free to bring some questions or a related topic of your own to share, time permitting.

Participation is highly encouraged but not mandatory, should anyone wish to simply sit-in.

Hope to see you there!

For those of you who would like to do a little thinking prior to the discussion, here are a few guided questions that will be featured for this topic:

1. Do labels have intrinsic meaning or are they subjective?

2. Do you feel that one label can describe you/a person or should there be a different labels for different situations/scenarios?

3. Are labels meant to be binding or as a loose description?

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