Look Sharp for Community Safety Crowd Funding Campaign


Are you tired of being afraid in everyday life? I am. Personally, I only have cursory knowledge of self-defense. As a trans woman I’ve lost count of the times I have been shouted at, interrogated and followed by men, as I go about my day.
I’ve been to dojos (martial arts training places) full of marines, cops and toxic masculinity. I’m not the only one who can’t thrive in an environment full of poison. Spaces are safe, or they are inaccessible to the people who need them most.

Self-defense is about more that physical fitness and technique. First we must be aware. My goal is foremost to feel empowered in detecting threats, and in diverting them. As anyone at risk in this culture knows, viscerally, many dangerous people cannot be readily dissuaded or run off. All I have for the occasion that someone wants to harm me, is the support and vigilance of my community.

I am rarely so grateful for others, as when I see people in my community looking out for my safety and well-being. Many times in my life others have stepped in to check on my safety. One day this might save my life. Nothing can keep us safe like the people of our community.
How do we support at risk people? I know that I can learn more about supporting others. I want to see people confident and aware enough to step in when needed.

This is possible through workshops, speakers and collaborative training. We need community empowerment and we need it to be economically accessible.
This solidarity work must center the needs of women of color, immigrants, Muslims, gender diverse, transgender and indigenous people.
No one person or agency will save us. No one can help us but ourselves and the diverse community we support.

We change the culture of fear and violence by taking the work in our own hands. That is why Common Root is taking on this program. I have already found many people with great interest in organizing and supporting the work. Every day the need grows more important in this dire political climate. I have been active in Lincoln organizing for most of fifteen years, and this goal of proactive community safety is nothing new. I intend to talk to every person, organization and community center required, but…

I need your help to make this happen.
Donate $5 or $500.
Show up to organize.
Show up to learn.
Invite your friends.
Invite family.

We are the only people who can keep us safe.
Look Sharp, for community safety


$5.00 Donation – Appreciation and ongoing updates

$10.00 Donation – 2 Stay Sharp Buttons

$25.00 Donation – 3 Stay Sharp Stickers

$50.00 Donation – 5 Buttons and 5 Stickers

$100 Donation – A copper pendant based on the Stay Sharp design (handmade by Andira)

$200.00 Donation – A silver pendant based on the Stay Sharp design (handmade by Andira)

$500.00+ Donation – Partial Sponsorship of the program and EVERYTHING listed above.

We will kick off the first organizing meeting on February 17th (STRIKE Day):


Fall For Pride Launch Party


Come join us as we kick off our launch party fundraiser at The Commons (1239 S. 14th Street in Lincoln)!
Featuring live music by:

Frailin’ Hearts
Laser Lotus
Lotus Leaves
Leaves Brown

Hosted by Phoebe Huxleigh!

The event starts at 5 PM, and has a $5 suggested donation at the door. All proceeds from the event will go to Common Root’s Fall For Pride Festival fund. Learn more about the festival here:

2016 Art Calendar Fundraiser




2016 Grassroots & Community Art Calendars – we have them in stock and available for purchase for $10 each.

Buy one next time you’re at Common Root Mutual Aid Center (3140 O Street, Suite 202 in Lincoln) or order online today:

Call for Submissions - Visual Art


We’ll feature the work of several local artists in this show.  Art selected for the show will be voted on by the community and the top twelve pieces will be featured in our 2016 Common Root wall calendar.

This show’s theme will reflect Common Root’s mission statement:

“Common Root is a 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to providing a welcoming, supportive community space with resources for the purpose of mutual inspiration, education and connection.

We work to cultivate our shared values in unity: peaceful coexistence and compassion, cooperation and direct democracy, social and ecological responsibility, economic justice and solidarity; and investment in community spaces.

We’re broadening social consciousness to improve our local and global communities. We facilitate community-building events and provide for the advancement of the arts. Bring your ideas and your passion, your friends and your family.”

We are looking for artwork with a grassroots & community focus. Email a photo of your submission along with the name of your piece, its dimensions and your contact information to:

Limit 3 submissions per person.


Save the date! Common Root is holding a Beauty and Bake Sale Fundraiser on Saturday, May 9th from 11 AM – 3 PM outside Meadowlark Coffee & Espresso (1624 South Street in Lincoln).

We need your help! We’re looking for donations of vegan treats and/or vegan beauty products to sell. Email us with questions or let us know if you’d like to participate by donating food or beauty products to the sale:

Common Root is a 501(c)(3) non-profit – part of your grass-roots community. All proceeds from the sale will help us continue bringing you free events all year round!

Artist Playing Card Fundraiser


One-of-a-kind art will be available to view & purchase at our First Friday Fundraiser.
Every piece of art was created using playing cards!

Join us from 6-9 PM at Common Root (3140 O Street, Suite 202 in Lincoln) on
Friday, November 7th for refreshments, art & fun!

Acoustic Concert Fundraiser


Join us on Friday, August 22nd for acoustic entertainment by local bands at Common Root. Featuring: This Machine Kills Vibes, Frailin’ Hearts and JD Powers. We’ll have refreshments available and we’ll be taking freewill donations at the door. All proceeds will benefit Common Root Mutual Aid Center. Doors open at 6:30 PM.

Artist Playing Card Fundraiser

Create a one-of-a-kind art piece on a playing card to raise money for Common Root. We’ll display and sell your donated card(s) at a future First Friday event!

You must use a playing card. We have plenty to share. We are recycling incomplete decks of cards by using each card as our tiny canvas.

Be creative, try a collage, use paints, fabrics, beading, stitching, poetry, etc. You can include your contact / studio information on the back to advertise your own work.

Deadline: September 10, 2014

Pick up or drop off cards at: Common Root – Mutual Aid Center (3140 O Street, Suite 202) – see the Calendar tab of our website for a complete listing of upcoming events and meetings.

Email: to learn more.

Benefit Concert 2014

Thanks to everyone who joined us for the Common Root Benefit Concert at The Bourbon Theatre!

We really appreciate the performances by This Machine Kills Vibes, Dancing Dead, Better Friend, The Gems, Blue Sky Angel Parade and Domestica and the Bourbon for the use of their awesome venue. Also, congratulations to Angel Settel, the winner of the Xbox 360 raffle!



This Machine Kills Vibes

This Machine Kills Vibes

The Dancing Dead

The Dancing Dead

Carrie's Crafts

Carrie’s Crafts

Better Friend

Better Friend

The Gems

The Gems


Blue Sky Angel Parade

Blue Sky Angel Parade



Benefit Concert for Common Root


Join us on Saturday, March 22nd from 3-8 PM for a benefit concert & celebration of community art! We’ll have 6 local bands playing throughout the day and arts & crafts vendors selling their wares at The Bourbon Theater (1415 O St in Lincoln).

$6 at the door for attendees 21 years of age and over
$8 at the door for attendees under 21
Proceeds will go to Common Root – Mutual Aid Center

Bands ——————
This Machine Kills Vibes
The Dancing Dead
The Gems
Blue Sky Angel Parade
Better Friend

Stop by for awhile or hang out with us the whole time. This is going to be a family friendly event, so bring the whole clan and invite your friends.

2013 Fundraiser Photos!


Local business donors, artists, individuals and organizations, if you’d like to see what you donation sold for on the silent auction, a copy of the bid sheets are available! Click the link above to view a compiled PDF of all the bid sheets from the silent auction fundraiser.

Photos by Bob DiPaolo






Common Root Fundraiser


Common Root is holding a silent auction fundraiser with raffles, food, drinks & live entertainment by Azraq, FCC Bros & JD Powers!

We’re raising money to keep our events free and open to the public and to help us toward our goal of becoming a 501c3 non-profit.

We’re focusing this fundraiser on connecting our community with yours. We’re hoping to engage our attendees with live entertainment & hors d’oeuvres while they bid on locally-made items and services at our silent auction. We’d like to thank Pepe’s Bistro for providing a friendly, welcoming venue for this fundraiser to take place.

We’re looking for local artists and local business to donate gift baskets, gift certificates, artwork, handmade items, food, drinks or services to our silent auction. Comment on the event wall if you’re interested in contributing or send us an email at:

To help us meet our fundraising goal, we’re suggesting a $3 donation for admission to the event. However, as always, this event is free and open to the public.

We’d like to thank our local business sponsors:
Beyül Project
Bluestem Books
Bob on Etsy
Bodhi Imports
Crescent Moon Coffee
Cultiva Espresso & Crepes
Duo Shoes
Emilio Franso Photography
Emily Ann Quilts
Heart of Gold Jewelers
Itty Bitty Musik
Indigo Bridge Books & Cafe
Kinetic Brew Coffee Stop
L & J Metal Works
Meadowlark Coffee and Espresso
Screen Ink.
The Mill Coffee & Tea

We’d like to thank our organization sponsors:
Bold Nebraska –
Community Crops
The Green Gals
EcoStores Nebraska
International Socialist Organization-Lincoln
Lied Center for Performing Arts
Losh Free Library
Nebraska Vegetarian Association
The Stage Theater

We’d like to thank our local artist & individual sponsors:
Wesaam Al-badry –
Azraq –
Martin Banyard
Lindsay Bartlett
Kris Barzydlo
Donna DiPaolo & Bob DiPaolo
Janine Copple
Jacque England
FCC Bros.
Dale Hildebrandt
JD Powers
Michael E. French –
Ted Haubrich
Andrew Losh –
Lynnette Losh
Vince Martinez
William Matchett
Valerie Murphy
Jessica Prenosil
Angel Settell
Mary Ann Shiech
Wes Staley
Troupe Sicorae through Dale Hildebrandt
Azaria Link Wallick –
Rachel West –