Free Saturday – July

Free Saturday – a free culture celebration of the community!

July’s Free Saturday event will be held on July 22nd at Peter Pan Park (33rd and X Streets) from 2-3:30 pm. Signs will be posted to direct you.

Bring items to give away and find great items from others to claim as your own. Please take any of your unclaimed items with you when you leave the event. (FYI – there’s no need to bring items in order to take items from others! Take what you need.)

Everything is free! We’re inspiring free culture and strong community relations. Come by and engage!

We’re excited to announce that FlyDogz will be providing FREE hot dogs at this Free Saturday event.

Upcoming Free Saturday events will be held at Peter Pan Park from 2-3:30 PM on the following dates:
August 19
September 23

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