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    Meeting minutes August 2nd, 2018
    Moderator: Lacey
    Co-Moderator: Bob
    Note Taker: Larry
    Also attending: Andira, Mikayla and Austin.

    –Mini Do –
    –Finance Update – Andira Losh – 5 minutes
    –VOTE – Bob – 5 minutes – Should CR act as distribution point for LFL books?
    –Food in the space – Bob – 5 minutes
    –Winter Table Event Update – Bob – 5 minutes
    –VOTE Donate buttons ‘Smash Fascism’ to Lincolns LFL
    50 or 100? -Larry -5 minutes
    –Artwork discussion -Larry -10 minutes

    –Mini Do – Larry did some button backs and Lacey printed and cut many August calendars.

    –Finance Update – Andira Losh – 5 minutes
    $5207.00 at end of June. Big deposit sent in since.
    Change of address put in at Liberty Federal.

    Community Crops would like to use the button press again on August 13th.
    Voted in favor – unanimous

    –VOTE – Bob – 5 minutes – Should CR act as distribution point for LFL books?
    Wants to hand out books from here in our space. Thinking a weekday from 8-5.
    Provide the books for them to pick up on their schedule.
    Voted in favor unanimously.

    –Food in the space – Bob – 5 minutes
    Seeing a lot of food building up in the space.
    Bob wants to put an ‘expiration’ date for 2 months.
    Expiring giving the food to someone. Possibly take to the next Free Saturday.
    Voted in favor unanimously.

    –Winter Table Event Update – Bob – 5 minutes
    No new information.

    Lacey reported the address change for the IRS is all ready to send out.

    –VOTE Donate buttons ‘Smash Fascism’ to Lincolns LFL
    50 or 100? -Larry -5 minutes
    Already decided. No longer necessary, so the suggestion is withdrawn.

    –Artwork discussion -Larry -10 minutes
    We will get a nice label for each piece and hang in our space, possibly display at future First Friday events in hopes of selling them to a collector. $450/each.
    -Mail -Lacey
    Letter from a trans woman in Nebraska Correctional Facilities
    Asking about resources from Common Root.
    Possibly some books, would have to come directly from a bookseller.
    (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc.) – could we send books from a local retailer instead?
    Much discussion about possible things we could try to provide, perhaps more than literature, legal help or community support would be appreciated.
    Mikayla volunteers to talk to legal aid of NE, everyone is encouraged to send supportive letters. Lacey volunteers to talk to Translnk and Andira will speak with Trans Support Facebook groups.

    Letter from our old Insurance company. (Liability for the O St. location.)
    Liability insurance is provided as part of our rent for being housed in the Foundry Community, so this expense is no longer necessary.
    Possibly we need renter’s insurance, no-one was anxious to look into renter’s insurance.
    Lacey will return the form they included with the information that we don’t need their services anymore.

    Makayla was interested in working together with ‘Renters Together’. Possibly offering them meeting space at The Foundry. Other discussion. Bob mentioned the Non-profit fair we’d like to have this winter.
    For small non-profits and groups like Renters Together that maybe can’t afford to do a lot of events.

    Andira mentioned the Nebraska Left Coalition, Aug. 25th. Andira can’t attend, she has material prepared if someone else was able to fill in. (Same day as the UNP festival.) Will put it out to the organizing group.
    9 to 4 or 5. Hours seem to be in flux.

    Makayla asked about Porchfest, still up in the air if that’s happening. We will help if it does.
    Meeting was adjourned.

    Voting Quorum:
    1 – Board member, 1 – Keyholder, 1 – member of CR Organizational FB group, 1 – Other

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