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    Lacey Losh

    In attendance: Chelsea(note taker), Andira (moderator), Lacey (co-moderator), Larry, Heather, Mike, Erica, Sari & Jon

    Intern Update – Andira – Chelsea explains her duties and what she plans to do for CR. Interested in learning how nonprofits work; will be helping find spaces and instructors for Look Sharp; works at UNL Library – will be looking through CR’s library and seeing if she can add to it.

    FFP Vendor App – Lacey – Common Root folder for vendor apps on Google Drive in a sheet. There are 3 currently.
    Caitlin Abele does fan art, illustrations, etc. would like an indoor booth, single table and chair. Vote called to accept application – unanimous vote yes
    Mike donated $100 for artists’ FFP tables. Caitlin will be the first beneficiary
    Newt’s Cute Loot will bring their own accompaniments for presentation. Vote called to accept application – unanimous vote yes
    Robert Dyas/RAD Design will bring their own accompaniments. Vote called to accept application – unanimous vote yes
    Jacob Darling and friends will be working with us re: sound equipment on the indoor stage. Spencer Munson may be able to help? Chelsea will reach out. Maya’s friend Ian may know someone who can provide sound for the outdoor stage.

    FFP Sponsorship GAME Plan – Sari – Goal, Audience, Message, Engagement. Would like to set $2550 as estimate in order to make 10% more than projected cost for the festival.

    GOAL –
    Ideally, let’s reach out to more than 50 orgs.
    Make 10% more than we spend = $2550
    KZUM, Outlinc, ,Trans Collaborations, dentist’s office – make sure we get back to them ASAP
    We need non-conflict sponsors
    family -friendly, other nonprofits, artists
    “What sets FFP apart from other events?”
    Family friendly
    Not commercialized
    No alcohol
    Will talk about at next meeting

    Video – Andira – Maybe 3 minutes or under or multiple videos. Four shorter videos would be best. Exchange possible with Outlinc for Give to Lincoln Gay refreshment budget / additional FFP booth.

    Book Fest – Erica & Lacey. Half day booth at Nebraska book festival 9 a.m. – noon. For the Nebraska Book Festival CR booth on July 15th ask for a vote if CR can make a small amount of space on a table for a presence by Lincoln’s Little Free Libraries – in the form of free bookmarks and a small model (12″ high) of a Little Free Library, as well as a 1/4 page free passout promoting the same. This would give the CR booth a literary lean for this festival. Vote called – unanimous vote yes

    Lincoln Unites Buttons Vote – Lacey – to offer 100 free buttons to the 2018 Lincoln Unites festival. Vote called – unanimous vote yes

    Lincoln Unites booth sales totaled $151, no booth fee, lots of magnets sold alongside buttons and keychains, even several water bottle sales!

    June calendar draft – Lacey – not finalizing until next meeting. Feel free to make additions on Facebook organizing group, or at the next meeting.

    Queerfest – Lacey – June 10, At the Bay, (start to,e 5 or 6 PM) we can table there for free, busy gay weekend, queer youth focus, this is a benefit concert for the actual Queerfest on October 7th – ask C about performing at FFP again

    Set agenda for next meeting – Lacey
    Finish GAME Plan – 20 min. – Sari
    GTLD update and thank you notes – 5 min – Lacey
    Treasury Update – 5 min. – Andira
    FFP Vendor apps – 10 min. – Lacey
    Finalize calendar – 2 min. – Lacey
    Intern update “dear diary…” – 5 min. – Chelsea

    Add-on from Bob on Facebook:
    –Residents Together Resource Fair– F St. Rec. Ctr.
    $42.13 in “donations for a button.” No booth cost. We Are Vital LNK hopes this is an annual festival. Many booths had an activity.

    Common Root Voting Quorum:
    1-Board Member
    3-Key Holding Members
    1-Other Attendee

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