Event summaries from last weekend

We had a series of very successful events this weekend! We kicked things off with our very first Science Cafe, serving decaf coffee and tea. We attracted about a dozen folks to talk about Transhumanism (and plenty of other science and non-science related topics). It was a fun, informative group. Thanks to everyone who participated!

On Saturday afternoon we gathered around the living room with an intimate group of six and managed to discuss all the topics in the photo (William kept up on the topics that came up with the handy-dandy whiteboard). The conversation was going so well that it was hard to leave, but it’s my hope that wanting more will bring the same folks back to the next discussion and maybe next time we can attract a few more.

Last night we held our 3rd Radical Poetry Gathering, which was beautiful, funny and inspirational as always. We had eight participants, most reading their own poetry, I did a tribute to Langston Hughes and others just came to listen. After the readings, everyone talked a little about their personal writing process and what inspires them to keep writing.

We are considering holding writing workshops in the future. Is there interest in events like this? Thoughts, ideas…