Event Facilitator Contract

Please enter your information in the contract below if you are planning to facilitate a future Common Root event.

If you have facilitated a similar event at Common Root in the past, feel free to use our quick contract: http://commonroot.net/repeat-event-facilitator-form

Common Root event facilitators should know the name of the key holding member who will host their event. If you haven’t coordinated with a key holder volunteer to host this event, please do so before filling out the contract below. If you’d like more information, you may email us at: contact@commonroot.net

Please note: Common Root requires at least two weeks prior notification if an event is going to be postponed or canceled by the event facilitator. We promote all events in advance in print and online. We need sufficient time to notify our community about event cancellations, or to find alternate facilitators for an event. Your cancellation may affect your ability to facilitate future events for Common Root.

Entering the information below signifies that you plan to act as an event facilitator for Common Root Mutual Aid Center at the date, time and location specified on the contract and that you will remain present for the entire event. Thank you!

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If your event will not be at Common Root, please list the name and location where your event will take place.
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Name the Common Root Key Holding Member hosting this event.
If you have not coordinated with a Common Root key holder who has volunteer to host your event, please bring your event idea to the group at any upcoming meeting. Email us at contact@commonroot.net for more information.
Please list any supplies you'll need for this event, including titles of any books or DVDs you're planning to use. ?
We may not be able to provide every resource you list, but we'll try our best to provide what's needed for your event and we'll be in contact with you about the specifics.
What draws you to Common Root?
Please list any other information or questions you have about facilitating this event.

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