East Campus Community Cleanup

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8-10 residences were vandalised early Thursday morning in the East Campus neighborhood, along the MoPac bike trail.

Let’s come together to show that hate and distruction have no place in OUR community. Join us at 3436 X Street at 1 PM on Sunday, September 24th.

Wear something you can get messy in and come by for a short time or the whole afternoon, whatever works for your schedule! Let’s clean up as much of this mess as possible, put our heads together and respond as a community.

We’re putting this together quickly, so we may add to this list as needed:

Items needed:
-Outdoor paint
-Paint thinner / cleaner

Lots of folks have offered donations to help with cleanup efforts.

If you’d like to help, send funds through PayPal to: laceylosh2@gmail.com

All funding goes to supplies for this cleanup effort, for refreshments / food for the volunteers. Any leftover donations will be split evenly between with the East Campus Community Organization and our inclusive neighborhood nonprofit, Common Root.

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