“Dimensions” – LQBTQ+ Discussion Group


“Dimensions” is a Discussion Group that takes place the second Wednesday of each month at Common Root Mutual Aid Center from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm. This discussion group is free and open to the public for any who wish to talk about issues relating to the LGBTQ+ and alternative relationship/lifestyle experience.

Join us this month on December 9th to discuss the “dimension” of the human experience surrounding jealousy and an opposite emotion known as compersion.

We are all familiar with jealousy; how it makes us feel, and how it can add stress to our relationships and our lives. It isn’t easy to overcome an emotion such as jealousy. And yet many people are able to move beyond jealousy and into a place of compassion and joy for their partner. This feeling has been coined compersion.

Jealousy and compersion can be felt by individuals in monogamous and polyamorous relationships. The gambit of relationships will be recognized and explored during the discussion.

To share your story or learn more about jealousy and compersion, meet us at Common Root for this month’s discussion of human “Dimensions.”

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