Community Coloring & Postcard Activist Events

Two events are happening at Common Root on Saturday, April 8.

Join us at 10 AM to color with your community. Bring your own coloring supplies, or use our supplies and coloring sheets.

Stick around from Noon-1:30 PM to write a postcard or two. Have a particular cause or concern you wish to address with your elected representatives? Send them a postcard!!

Common Root will provide postcards, pens, colored pencils and markers. We will have mailing addresses of your local, state, and federal representatives posted for you to copy from.

Don’t have a postcard stamp? Buy one from Common Root (34¢) at the event. Please bring exact change if possible.

“Common Root is a 501c3 non-profit dedicated to providing a welcoming, supportive community space with resources for the purpose of mutual inspiration, education and connection.”

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