Common Root First Friday Art Show Results

We’re excited to announce the artists and art pieces that will be featured in Common Root’s 2016 Wall Calendar!

All 24 pieces in the art show embodied our theme of Grassroots & Community, and the public voted last Friday night on their favorites. Below are the results.

Congratulations to the artists who have been chosen for the calendar and thanks so much to everyone who participated. The show was a great success!

1. In the Eye of the Falcon by Sammi Bray (pictured above)
2. Passage by Deborah Kay Hull
3. Losh Free Library by Lacey Losh
4. Great and Small by Sammi Bray
5. Untitled (yellow backdrop) by Amanda Harvey
6. We Are All Related by Barbara Salvatore
7. Untitled (blue backdrop) by Amanda Harvey
8. Communatree by Andira Losh
9. Sit a Spell by Deborah Kay Hull
Tied for 10 and 11. Cheamera Rising by Tiana Conyers and Spirited Movements by Kathleen Tiedje
12. A Mountain, A Hill and a Horse by Ramona MacDonald
13. Dad’s Holiday by Jen Volkmer

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