Collective Publishing Project



Writers, poets, crafty folks and anyone interested; please consider contributing to our collective publishing project!

Contributors will create stand-alone sections of their writing that also fit into the larger anthology of collected contributions.

Each contributor is asked to create 10, double-sided 8.5” x 11” pages of content for the book. You can include your poetry, prose, articles, photography, artwork, design, recipes, DIY pieces, and more. Whatever interests you –  consider contributing it. It can be all one subject, or a collection or contributions filling your pages.

The pages will be folded in half, to 8.5” x 5.5” and read like a booklet, or zine. The contributions can be stand-alone publications, by simply stapling the pages together, or sections can be grouped into a collective publication and bound.

Explanation_sheetWilliam_lg_bk_2_smWe ask that everyone submitting pages contribute $20 for printing costs. This will entitle you to 5 copies of everyone’s work, and the supplies to create 5 collective books of your own. We’ll be holding more meetings in the future, as well as book-binding skillshares to help you finish your own copies.

If you would like to donate money to this project, we will use it to make additional prints and help anyone that can’t afford to pay for prints.

Send your digital contributions to: by May 15th, 2013. If you’re submitting a hardcopy of your pages, email us at the above address to coordinate dropping off your submission or join us at an upcoming meeting. We’ll include events on our monthly Common Root calendar: