Annual Member Meeting


Come one, come all to Common Root’s first Annual Member Meeting on Thursday, January 29th.

We’ll have the space open and refreshments available starting at 7 PM. This is a great opportunity to tour our space and learn more about the free events and community skillshares Common Root offers throughout the year.

The meeting will start at 7:30 PM. We’ll encourage you to share your thoughts, enjoy an overview and slide show of Common Root’s community contributions in 2014 and help us brainstorm ideas for 2015.

At Common Root everyone’s voice counts and anyone can become a Common Root member. Membership dues are completely voluntary. They allow us to maintain our space and keep our events free and open to the public.

We have Common Root bicycle / bumper stickers to offer as thank-you gifts to new and returning dues-paying members & your member donations are tax-deductible.

If you can’t make it to the meeting, but you’d like to become a dues-paying member, we have a form available on our website that allows you to do just that:

We’d also like to say thank-you to our 2014 members:

Martin Banyard
Toby Bartels
Terri Beard
Mary Beth Chapman
Melissa Clow
Deanna Denny
Lauri Dettmer
Bob & Donna DiPaolo
Lauren Domenge
Jacque England
Carrie Hansen
Adam Hintz
Garren Hochstetler
Andira & Lacey Losh
Don & Lynnette Losh
Kylie Lowe
Dave Loyall
Amanda McCullough
Jeanette Nakada
Abbie Normal
Scott & Tammy Pedersen
Marcus Pierson
Jonathan Reyes
Barbara Salavtore
Chelsea Sharp
Ben Steinke
Ailyne Swartz
John Taylor
Jo Tetherow
Heidi Thompson
Barbara Tracy
Susan Tribby
Shawn Webber
Jennifer Wendelin
Bernie Wilson
Roger Zemanek

Your support keeps us going!

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